[INFO] Pirates Beware !!!

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[INFO] Pirates Beware !!!

Message par Don Ton » 21 oct. 2016 18:34


il ya quelques jours Alex Caramelino producteur executif et owner du label "Jah Fingers" a ouvert un groupe sur facebook pour dénoncer les bootleg et pirates.
Ce dernier à reçu 3 fois des menaces de mort ces derniers jours...
Connaissant les Yardies, ces menaces ne sont pas à prendre à la légère et il a décider de se retirer de l'administration du groupe pour ls sécurité de sa famille et la sienne.
Je vous laisse prendre connaissance de son texte qui expose les faits ainsi que l'adresse du groupe facebook (sur lequel je vous encourage a vous inscrire).

le groupe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/648984775263553/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
As a man who make his living out of reggae music I always try not to take only and pick fruit out of its tree or worse chop off the tree and burn it, but rather to water the tree and always have respect for the business in its entirety and all the reggae fraternity. I always been sticking to the rules, always paying musicians, singers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, producers, manufacturers, distributors. Everybody get a slice a the cake when it come to my productions. Sometime it take me all years to locate some old time retired producers, me have to go up a some bushy hills go look for producers retired for years. If I find them and get the license. I release the tunes. If I don't, I just don't to it. That's my policy. I don't fuck with a man music unless I've got written permission to do it. Some might argue my "genuine" style might only be a way to boost myself or advertise my thing and increase my sales. That a lie, cause I've been helping people many times signing deals without getting a penny. Last years my bredrin Enrico Vicari was trying to help his friend Devon Lyon (great artist who is sadly broke and needy at the moment, like most legendary artists forgotten by Jamaican government and left to die in poverty, Scully Simms, Lloyd Brevett, Claudius Linton, and the list could go on for days) get a deal from a French label to get one of his tunes repressed so he could finally eat a food. I was helping Enrico with the contract when we realized some nasty rass clart pirate did repress the same tune with no license whatsoever at the same time, automatically mashing up Devons deal. Result: no more legal repress, and Devon sent back ina him shack a dead fi hungry. Sometime it's not all about the money you know. Sometime it's about do good so good will follow you. And fight for the right cause. I've been helping artist from both the UK and Jamaica to register their song with PRS, so they could finally start collect royalties after their tune been exploited for years without them getting a penny. Last week, me and some friends who genuinely love the music, were talking about the amount of people whe confidently did buy tunes only to find out later that it was counterfeit good them did spend their money on. Pirates try to make things as foggy as possible, so in this confusion people don't know what is what and buy their things. Presenting their releases as "original" so people can buy with good faith and don't realize what they are buying is a low quality mp3 downloaded from youtube and pressed on vinyl. So we decided to open this facebook group, to promote awareness amongst buyers and reggae collectors, and try pressure these crooks to start do business more respectfully. Within a couple days, nearly 100 people joined the group and start contributing, pointing out a few release, posting pictures, comments, infos etc. Unfortunately on the very first week I start get death threats right away. First, they start send me emails announcing some forthcoming releases with no credits on it, warning "me and my informer friends" not to mention or talk about this release. I just laughed cause the person sending the email I could send him a foreign with one lick the way him marga he is everything but a scary man. So I never take him too seriously. Then the next day a big well known producers did ring me. Saying "somebody" was very vex about my behaviour, and that it's better I stop telling the people about bootleg else something very bad would happen to me. So I asked this person who did say that, the person never want tell me, he only told me to stop talking the truth before something happen to me. Again, I laughed at it, they can kill me or try intimidate me but what about the other 100 people who are actively contributing raise awareness on the same issue? Are they gonna kill all of us? So I never pay it no mind at all. Then yesterday another episode. Some pussy hole in a man clothes ring the shop I work for, and tell my 80 years old boss to tell the youth whe work for you to stop burn the bootleg business before somebody kill me. Now this is getting to much. I am not afraid of none of these faggots, but I can't accept when they trouble people who have nothing to do with this. I need to protect the people I work for and don't bring them any unnecessary trouble, and also I can't live and know my woman can't sleep at night time or is having nightmare cause she is afraid when I go on the road somebody is gonna do something to me. Therefore I'm gonna remove myself from the group. I hope this experience at least did bring some light on a topic that everybody is moaning about but only a few are brave enough to expose themselves to try make things better. Thanks to everyone who supported me during these few days, I need to protect me and my family so I'm signing out and inviting you all once again to buy your records responsibly and don't feed these thieves.


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