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[DEBAT] Back to the Roots ???

Discussion générale autour du monde du Reggae Roots

Re: Back to the Roots ???

Messagepar ITAL » 16 Mars 2016 20:38

Loopi a écrit:au coté éducatif dont tu parles..

Je me suis mal exprimé, je faisais plus référence au niveau où ce public se situait en terme de connaissances du milieu (tunes etc...) :)
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Re: Back to the Roots ???

Messagepar papayatik » 12 Avr 2016 18:46

l'effet ROOTIKALIST sur le crew Roots Meditation apres la session de vendredi soir :)

Copier depuis le mur de Fred Wise ( selecteur du crew)

"I would like to say give thanks to Jacopo and Carlotta for their coming ina Paris for our latest Conscious Skanking Session. We've shared very good time together and it has been a very good experience for us to meet you Jacopo. You are a very talended man and you really knows about this wonderfull music. Many thanks for providing us more knowledge about the history from some very rare, rare tune.
As hopeton Lewis said..."This music got soul"
It makes people talking the same language and thinking the same positive way. Peace, Love & Harmony.
Quick summary from our latest session:
We've got a very deep Roots selections all night long. No digital at all.
It has been a challenging night for Roots Meditation as we knew the quality from rootikalist selections before he came so we hope people felt the same vibes from each set.
It has been a dynamic session as we did not play more than 4 tunes each in order to keep the vibes and following each other during all the session. We started the dub fi dub set around 3.00 am which was very nice.
We were very glad to see all those people moving and dancing on roots and culture selections some of them classic, some other very obscure...
Give thanks for all attendees as now we know that Parisian massive trully love Roots music and we are looking forward for more session in the same way with Wondim Fhs and many more roots collector and selectors.
Watch out for the next Conscious Skanking session at the end of the year... It's gonna be stricly Roots Foundation.
Which doesn't mean that we will not play anymore digital tunes but i think that people need more Roots Foundation to rise up during our sessions.
We are the Roots defender and we seriously trust in this music that gives us strenght, power & deep meditation.
So once again give thanks Rootikalist for the meeting we had together.
We keep the link for futur connexion and we'll see you in June with Adowa HIFI and Roots fi Disco.
Rootsman train is coming again ..."

ALORS ? Qui kavé raison !!! :mdr:
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Re: Back to the Roots ???

Messagepar anbessa » 13 Avr 2016 09:30

Génial ! They've seen the light !!! :)
"Reggae music is not not something that you hear, it's something that you feel. And if you don't feel it you can't know it" Peter Tosh
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