Deep Down with Dennis Brown - Penny Reel

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Deep Down with Dennis Brown - Penny Reel

Message par gbougard » 22 août 2014 12:52

Je viens de recevoir ce bouquin tres interessant sur Dennis Brown ... 3683-p.asp" onclick=";return false;

Penny Reel’s beautiful and highly personal account of the life and music of the late, great Dennis Emmanuel Brown. Penny draws on his own experiences as a young reggae fan in the seventies who, as a writer for publications such as Black Echoes and the New Musical Express, immersed himself in London’s vibrant and exciting underground reggae scene and saw first hand the impact Dennis made during those times. Beautifully and generously illustrated with rare photos, record labels and handbills from the author’s own collection, this is one of the best books ever written about the reggae scene in England in the seventies and is an essential acquisition for anybody wishing to know more about it.
Guillaume Bougard
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